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Aaron Pullins – A Speaker, Author & Outreach Advocate Motivating Through Hope & Inspiration

Featured in panel discussions, radio programs, television news programs, referenced in newspapers, magazines and books, Aaron Pullins Is a frequent guest speaker at many organizations schools and churches and internet programs.

He brings motivation connection and direction to those who are seeking positive change from a life caught up in cycles in poverty, inspiring alternatives for those who are vulnerable to drug abuse and gun violence.



The APZ Group

ABC, Channel 9, WCPO
Could Mentorship Programs Curb Gun Violence?
Shootings Spur Community to Create Safe House,
Teen Violence: How to live above ground when so many have been buried.
Judges Could Loose Discretion Under US Attorney General ...

FOX, Channel 19, WXIX
Community Discusses Violence “Aaron Pullins knows what violence ...”
Community Rallies For End To Gun Violence After 14 Year Old’s Shooting Death
High School Students Develop Aggressive Plan To Fight Violence

NBC, Channel 5, WLWT
4 CHILDREN HURT IN WINTON HILLS DRIVE-BY SHOOTING, “Pullins said breaking the cycle of violence is an overwhelming challenge but finding solutions that target young people must be our number one priority.”

Cincinnati’s Marijuana Decriminalization, Aaron Pullins said, “It sounds like the (drug) war is still on the people.”

OTR Shooting Leaves 14 year old dead Aaron Pullins is doing what he can to end the cycle of violence.

Be The Change with Robert Harris

Book mention
The Angels of Our Better Nature, Why Violence Has Declined by Steven Pinker, Viking Books

The New Yorker Magazine
Don’t Shoot, A Radical Approach to the Problem of Gang Violence, by John Seabrook

The Cincinnati Enquire
Avondale Seeks Answers to Youth Violence
18 Juvenile Have Been Shot In Cincinnati This Year

The Cincinati Herald
Feature Article
Aaron Pullins Goes Deep With Troubled Youth with His Men Involved Program

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Presenter
Community conversation: Trauma & Gun Violence

The Buzz Radio Program
CoHost of Gospel Radio Program with Robert Campbell
Guest of Lincoln Ware


Founder of APZ Group
Group Educating and Raising Awareness Through the Arts

Founder of Men Involved
Diversion & Mentoring Program
Providing motivation, connection and direction to youth and adults having the propensity for involvement in violence and drugs

Writer, Who U Gonna Serve
Religious Fiction Drama

Licensed Minister

Clergy Member
Transforming Jail Ministries


District #3 Outreach Coordinator, Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence
Working through Cincinnati Human Relations Commission (20 years) Assisting returning citizens & those that have been adjudicated through the system offering prevention, intervention & alternatives to violence and drugs

Awarded a Commendation, “Challenge Coin” accompanied by a formal letter of recognition from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department
Outstanding community service as a member of the CIRV Program with the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission

Awarded the Distinguished Humanitarian Award
Withrow High School Alumni Association

Work Shop Leader, Job Corp

Facilitator: 20/20 Juvenile Corrections Pre-Release Programs

Queensgate Adult Corrections Center Pe-release Programs & Faith Based Teacher

Residential Assistant, Talbert House, Corner Stone (Treatment and Recovery Center)

Case Manager, Central Community Health Board
Evaluating and developing plans addressing issues related to mental health

Board Member, Madisonville / Cincinnati Community Problem-Oriented Policing
Building safer communities

Member of the Cease Fire Program
Marching with community, speaking against violence, raising awareness

Mentor & Outreach Provider Madisonville Recreation Center

Mentor, United Way Camp Program

University of Cincinnati Certificate
Addressing the development of methodologies for the advancement of a more pro-social and productive citizenry

Citizen’s Police Academy Certificate
Studying the science and art of policing along with the law enforcement industry, its principles, issues & procedures

While maintaining a professional career in community service Aaron also maintained a robust avocation in entertainment and ministry.

Studio 7: Recording Studio Owner / Actor / Writer-Director of Regional Stage Play/Artist Development Manager (20 years)

Southwest State Superintendent as an ordained Elder of the House of God.

CoHost of a Gospel Radio Program
With Bishop Campbell, Radio One, The Buzz of Cincinnati, 1230 AM

B.A. Theological Studies, Bethel College of Theology