Get Ready For Your Change To Come

We need to get ready for our change to come. Aaron Pullins is a new messenger. As we deal with the corona virus across the world, we need to examine ourselves and how we are living in every way. Sin is actually the major pandemic. (We do not own the rights to the Get Ready song by, Virtue.)

Who You Gonna Serve?

There are two powers that exist in the world, good and evil. These powers are contrary to one another. Good is of God and evil l is of Satan. In Aaron Pullins work as an outreach advocate he has seen how these powers impact our youth, the poor and our communities at large. We must identity what is wrong, what happened and what we can do about it.

2017, Aaron Pullins presents a diversion and mentoring program that is an alternative to school suspension and incarceration. He is educating and raising awareness regarding drugs and violence and extending a lifeline and resources for those who want change.

Community Conversation: Aaron Pullins Discusses Protests
We have Double Ps: Pandemic and Protests.
Aaron Pullins discusses tough topics and issues: racism, civil rights, slavery, social engineering and being solution driven with the funding of programs and supporting good, social services. Support Men Involved, diversion and leadership program.

Aaron Pullins Addresses Youth in the Men Involved Diversion and Mentoring Program
Aaron Pullins, addresses youth within an encouraging and active environment. There are two voices you will always hear in your life, the right one and the wrong one. Which one are you going to listen to? Men Involved in a non profit diversion and mentoring program. Aaron Pullins is also a writer, motivational speaker and founder of The APZ Group LLC.

Cathy Clark for Aaron Pullins III