Who You Gonna Serve?


Who You Gonna Serve is a religious fiction drama, originally conceived as a stage play, it was written as a film script, it inspired a community conversation, now it has been written as a book, published by iUniverse. The book has received the Editor’s Choice and Rising Star Award.


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Andre Paul Zaayer, known to all as APZ, is a high-profile lawyer in his sixties who thinks in terms not of good and evil but of legal and illegal. He feels all he needs to understand is how to work around the law, how to dodge being caught, and how to slip out of the legal system when caught within it—helpful knowledge, particularly given his involvement in the sale of illegal narcotics. Then there’s Dazz Brooks, an ambitious, talented young rapper. Freshly released from prison—where he had landed for his own involvement in dealing drugs—Dazz is determined to launch a legitimate career in the music industry. He knows APZ has connections in the music industry through his night club, so even though Dazz hopes to avoid any further involvement with the drug trade, he looks to the lawyer for help in planning his new start. APZ capitalizes on Dazz’s hope and poverty, twisting his ambitions back into a life of crime and violence that spirals both of their lives into devastation. Inspired by a higher power, Dazz yearns to break free of APZ’s bondage. But only time will tell whether he will succeed. A modern take on the story of Pharaoh and Moses, this novel follows one man’s journey toward a new destiny as he makes choices that could change his life forever.

This story reveals the complex motivations associated with the decision to become involved in the sale of illegal narcotics and the key life issues and questions at the core of that decision. "For my people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6

A core decision lies at the crux of life choices involving good and the bondage of evil ––Who You Gonna Serve? Joshua: 24:14–15

About the Author

Aaron Pullins' adverse and positive life experiences, coupled with decades of professional knowledge as a community advocate and mentor to at-risk youth, have empowered him to deeply identify with the characters and issues conveyed in this story.

This book was formed by uniting the skills and vision that Aaron Pullins carried for decades with the writing skills of Cathy Clark (his wife).

We endeavor to use the arts to educate and raise awareness in our communities.

Childhood Experience

Up From The Struggle

Breaking The Cycle


Who You Gonna Serve Concept Film


Trauma And Gun Violence Documentary


Affected community members and leaders address the issues of crime and violence impacting our times.

Aaron Pullins III

Author of the religious fiction, Who You Gonna Serve and founder of Men Involved, youth diversion and mentoring program

Educates and raises awareness around the elements beneath Who You Gonna Serve. For decades he worked with a population at risk of getting involved in a life of crime and violence, initially serving as a District Coordinator for the City of Cincinnati as an outreach advocate.

Particular members of our population that need help include members of society who are:

  1. Returning from the penal system
  2. Already adjudicated in the system through probation
  3. Still active in crime
  4. Who are at risk of involvement in crime, demonstrating the propensity to get involved in drugs and violence

Dr. Victor Garcia

Pediatric Surgeon at Children's Hospital

Educates the viewers regarding post-traumatic trauma or stress, a diagnoses formerly applied to victims of war. Violence and poverty in our communities inflict comparable psychological injuries with clearly identifiable symptoms and treatment methodologies. "It is not bullets that are killing our kids. It is poverty and concentrated poverty. And, to go on further, it is poverty that is disproportionately affecting people of color..."

Senator Cecil Thomas

Ohio State Senator of the 9th District

Battles in the senate to help individuals who have suffered deeply with old records that no longer reflect the positive life they seek to lead. The drive of politicians to prove themselves to be tough on crime has caused collateral damage on individual lives, as well as all of society when an old negative record impedes a life that is willing to move forward positively. He is introducing legislation that will expunge records of those who have not committed crimes for 10,15 or 20 years.

Dr. Lakshmi Kode Sammarco

Hamilton County Coroner

Directs a proficient team of experts that will eventually find evidence that will get the perpetrator of crime caught. She also declares it's tough for kids growing up without enough boundaries, teaching them right and wrong.

Judge Fanon A Rucker

Hamilton County Judge

Shares his painful introduction to homicide and the difficulty of seeing people in front of him who have made an impulsive choice that will lead to long term effects on the perpetrator, the victim, and their families.

Steve Pullins

Draws the viewers into his tragic story of addiction that began with experimentation, leading to addiction and incarceration.

Marlon McClendon

Now a barber and loving father of a precious child describes his journey that led to eight years of incarceration as a very young man.